A Virtual Summit for ELA Teachers, ELA Specialists & Reading Teachers

It’s teachers' time to learn to appreciate ourselves and our profession. Take your teaching to the next level and find happiness in your own classroom. We are here for YOU

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    • Welcome to ELA SUCCESS SUMMIT 2022!

    • Attendee Q & A, Live Session Links, Facebook Group for Giveaways

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    ELA Success Summit Conference E-Book, Digital Swag, and Sponsors

    • ELA Success Summit Conference E-Book, Digital Swag, and Sponsors

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    • LIVE Session with Christine Taylor-Butler - STEM or STEAM

    • LIVE Session with Gae Polisner-Relax into Writing-When is the last time you took a deep breath?

    • Research for Inspiration - Gae Polisner

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    Day # 1-July 18th

    • Christine Taylor-Butler-KEYNOTE Author & Speaker

    • Bring Writing Alive with Book Creator!-Kim Crouch

    • Using Tract (Project-Based Learning Platform) In the Classroom-Lyndsey Gresehover

    • Increase Student Learning with Hexagonal Thinking - Amy Mezni

    • Next Level Writing (Leveled writing) - Lisa Spangler

    • New Approach to Gallery Walks - Katherine King

    • Using Poetry to Develop Literacy Skills - Lesa Smith

    • Incorporating Art in ELA without Sacrificing Rigor - Laura Daly

    • Top 10 Tools to Up Your Game - Jessica Pilgreen

    • The Big Word Breakdown-Teaching Vocabulary With Morphemes - Lisa Bailey

    • (Not So) True Crime & Bed By Nine: Podcasting in the ELA Classroom-Kyla Jeter

    • Relationships Over Everything: Establishing Positive Rapport - Ashleigh Dillow

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    Day # 2-July 19th

    • KEYNOTE AUTHOR - Nora Baskin - How My 6th Grade Teacher Saved My Life

    • Tract-The ELA Success Summit Sponsor! Learn All About Them

    • Stations: Assessing Student learning Formatively and Summatively - Cnee Miller

    • The Thesis Statement as the Road Map to Argumentative Writing- Crystal Ceresani

    • Tapping In Before Burning Out - Erica McDonald

    • Interactive Writing Made Fun!- Heather Hanson

    • Differentiation in the Co-Taught ELA Classroom - Danielle MacNee

    • Hybrid Socratic Seminar- Stacey Wassif

    • Summative Projects a Power of Choice - Brier Stabler & Tana Kappen

    • BOSS Method for Educators -Diana Firestone

    • Making the Most Out of the "ish" in English-Christal Fakoory

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    Day # 3-July 20th

    • Mastering Thesis Statements - Daina Petronis

    • Student Led Documentaries - Comfort Agboola

    • Controversial Literature in the Classroom- Heather Cianci

    • Managing Independent Reading With Page Goals- Kara Rubino

    • How to Create the Perfect Classroom Library - Samantha Heil

    • Grammar Instruction That Works!-Missy Davis

    • Flexible Seating in a Middle School Classroom - Jacy Douglas

    • Understanding Reading Comprehenson Skill Categories and The RCAT - Brigitta Goerres

    • Using Social Media in the Classroom - Yadennis Walantas

    • Transporting Student Engagement by Shifting Audience - Melanie Lawler

    • YouTube and Your Readers- Amanda Zieba